[Solved] Kali Current Consumption

I tried to power up the Kali with a DIYinHK LDO reg. but it didn’t work. What is the current draw for the Kali?

I believe the Kali draws around 100mA, so you should have been OK with that reg.
Can you measure the voltage of the reg when it’s connected?

I measured the voltage and all looks good though. Attaching the photos.

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Have you had that Kali working with a different supply? If so, does it still work with it?

I can connect it successfully using a powerbank via the barrel connector

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Is that white connector making good contact? Can you measure 5v at the barrel connector when your LDO supply is connected?

Gonna do that tomorrow morning. I suspect it might be connection issues. Stay tuned.

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Success! I made another connector to power via the barrel instead. So the LDO reg does work. Thanks Jonners for helping all this while. Now I have to figure out why the other connection route did not work.


Glad there was a happy ending! :smiley: