[Solved] Installing Other Software

Hello, I a newer user to Volumio (love it btw), and I have a few questions. I would like to install mono (mono-complete package in raspbian), so I can use the minecraft-console-client on my raspberry, when I am not playing music. I did a quick ‘apt-get install mono-complete’ , which was a failure, so I want to know on what OS is Volumio based and if it is possible to install the mono runtime that I need?

Thank you

First you have to use

sudo apt-get update

If it doesn’t work, use jessie’s repo, to do that change wheezy to jessie in


Thank you for answering my question :slight_smile:

But, what do I put in the /etc/apt/sources.list? Then what do I do? I’ve never modified repo’s except for using PPA’s before.

EDIT: I reread your response and figured it out, derp, upgrading now.

As proof of my age, I wanted to install “ed”

did an apt-get update
but the apt-get install failed

went to raspbian.org/RaspbianRepository

and used instructions found there to build a new /etc/apt/sources.list

with these lines:

deb archive.raspbian.org/raspbian wheezy main contrib non-free
deb-src archive.raspbian.org/raspbian wheezy main contrib non-free

install worked fine after that… I can now happily “ed”!

I did save the new file as /etc/apt/sources.list.new
and copied back the original as /etc/apt/sources.list to restore the original list