[SOLVED] Initial library scan hangs volumio

I am trying to do a clean install of 2.246 on Raspberry Pi 3 with Allo DigiOne card. Volumio startup goes smoothly. I add one SMB share and start the library scan After a long while (the scan is slow) volumio hangs. The RPi responds to network ping, but cannot open a volumio session - just a spinning wheel. The scan stops in the same place - about album 280 out of about 330 albums. I have looked at the content and I see nothing unusual.

This library was working normally on 2.207. I sent the logs after reboot: logs.volumio.org/volumio/eDHoL21.html (since RPI is unresponsive after hang, I cannot get logs from library scan).

Suggestions on how to debug this?

After several iterations, I found the file that volumio was choking on. I removed this file and the scan completed properly. Still, it is a fairly catastrophic failure for a broken music file.

What was wrong with the file? Do you know? I am having this error too.

The file had a duplicate name of another file but was much smaller and contained unrecognizable data. I had to watch the file statistics on the “My Music” setup screen to see how far it got, then walk the file tree to estimate where in the scan it was failing.

I would also make sure you don’t have video files in the file tree. I read some other post that those files can cause trouble with scans.

Thank you for your reply. Paying attention to where the scan hangs up did help my identify the problem file(s).

Another note: I use windows to add/remove and edit my music files on my External USB Hard Drive.

When you remove files from the drive it sends them to a hidden Recycle bin on the HDD. I had to delete the files from there as well otherwise volumio kept scanning them.