[Solved] import all music from USB to a playlist

Nouvel utilisateur de Volumio, j’aimerais savoir s’il est possible d’importer tous les fichiers musique de la clé usb, dans la playlist, en une seule manipulation pour les jouer en continu?

Hello there,
New to Volumio, I wonder if it is possible to import all music files in the USB key in the playlist, in a single operation for continuous play?
thank you

You can create a playlist for an entire folder (Move all your music on the USB Stick in one folder)
Go to Browse - on the right side you have a button for each folder - Click at Add
Go to Playlist - on the lower right side type in your playlist name - Click on the save button

You can now load the created playlist (You will find it at the Browse Tab)

My USB shows up with the songs listed in the browse section, but if I try to add all the songs at once as described above, the icon with 3 horizontal lines to the right of the USB drive on my (1.4 install) browse section only has the UPDATE option, no options to add to the playlist. If I click UPDATE it shows “updating” forever.
Help please :cry:

make a folder inside your USB stick and copy all your music in this folder
plug in the usb stick, boot volumio, go to the browse tab, click on usb, now you see your created folder, click on the right side at the button with the 3 lines, select add

You are the man!!!

I am not a big techie, and really appreciate your help.

I do wish it displayed album art and had a bass EQ :mrgreen:

My setup:

Raspberry Pi B+
Volumio v1.41
16Gb Sandisk Ultra plus
Audioquest Dragonfly
Adata and Pny USB drives

Total power consumption @ 5v is .45a, 2.2 watts

Samsung S3 and Volumio web interface for control.

Works great and sounds great, Dragonfly even switches 16/44k & 24/96k automatically!

Je vous remercie tous pour votre réponse. Excusez la mienne tardive, j’ai été absent un long moment.
Merci encore.