[Solved] Http commands requested

Hey there audiophiles!

I am currently looking for a list of working http commands to control the playback.

From the FAQ:

These seem to work, however I’m looking for more commands.
From the link with mpc commands theres this command “volume -/+” which seem to be working with

But how about increasing/decreasing volume? I have tried


but they dont work. Is there anything im missing here?

Another thing;
Are these http commands able to give some response? Let’s say I need the title of current playing song, normally you would use the terminal and enter the command “mpc current” which will result in “Artist - Title”. Is there any way I can retrieve this kind of data via http requests?

I’m currently working on a Android app with support for Widgets. If there is no way I can get data via requests I will have to see if I can salvage data from the Volumio Webcontrol page.

Thanks in advance!

Check out volumio/_player_engine.php

=> you’ll get some information about the current played song.

However, you must know that if you build a client on top of the PHP server, you have no guarantee that a future version of Volumio won’t break your client. You could do things differently, and directly talk to the MPD server. It’s opened on its default port (6600), and accepts TCP connections. If you want to see how to talk to the MPD server, there’s a complete documentation here : github.com/jotak/node-restmpd/b … dClient.js

Thank you, this is somehat usefull!

Yeah I figured that out as well. If I am going to use network commands, why not use the MPD protocol directly… I was trying to keep the original player GUI which would spare me a lot of work doing the GUI, but this way I wont be able to have full controll from outside the app.

So I guess MPD is what I am going to do :slight_smile: