[Solved] How to read an .ape file?

does anyone knows how to read a .ape file with Volumio ? ape file are generated by Monket’s audio codec. I read somewhere to remove some line in the mpd.conf file https://volumio.org/forum/ape-support-t48.html but whitout success… :confused:

Can you play the file on your computer with vlc or similar player?
Have you considered transcoding?

I can play it with mplayer, but playing does not start with vlc…

As far as I know, that doesn’t work. You have to transcode your apes to flac, i.e. with foobar.

To play ape file on PC try ‘foobar2000’ with plugin ‘Monkey’s Audio Decoder’
As for Volumio, I use Cantata.
There is no use to transcode anything.

good news ! .ape files are played in Volumio, natively, there is nothing to do !
bad news : if this files are on a NAS, they don’t appears in the browse windows (so you can’t play them) :confused: It works only if they are on a local USB device… :open_mouth:
I saw that this behaviour with some mp3 files . I have to investigate to understand why … (sample rate ? - depth ? )

Yes ! I found! : as I use a nfs mount, I have to have the good right to access this files… So I “chmod -R 777” my music directory and now I can read and play all the contained files !

Where should you modify ? Is it within the volumio or your disk ?

NAS I would think.