[Solved] How to expand filesystem on BBone Black

Well Volumio on BBB has proved its worth to me - works perfectly w/ DragonFly Dac, not ONE pop or click, unlike all the other music servers…
So, one thing I wanted to do is expand the filesystem above the 2G image that Volumio installs. Has anyone done this? Can one just use
general BBB methods? (it is easy w/ r-pi…)

Second - someone mentioned off-loading the filesystem to usb to save wear and tear on the flash sd (something I’ve done successfully w/ the r-pi)
Any tips here?
Thanks for your help!

as long as the BBB supports fdisk you should be able to do it fine.


Thanks illness… a good link! Yes, I have used fdisk w/ other BBB distros (Wheezy, etc.) to resize this way.
Here’s another good link that discusses this, that I’ve used:

But I don’t know whether this would work w/ the Volumio distro… has anyone tried it had success?
I was going to try it, and so I shutdown my BBB running Volumio to make an image backup of my sd and try expanding the fs on the copy.
That is when I found out that shutting down my BBB did mysterious things to my volumio install: it wiped out any record of my nfs mounts,
my mpd song db, ethernet connection info, in short, all the web setup. so I got worried. I’ll give it a try perhaps later, on a duplicate sd image.
My verdict so far (after having tried 3 or 4 other such players/music db combos like this) is that volumio is terrific with playing music and handling
diverse usb dacs (all the others have failed in one way or another), BUT I don’t understand what it’s doing w/ filesystems, and unless I can get
it to behave reliably and boot up to the same state it was left in when shutdown-- the minimum standard for computation, IMHO, then I will be at a loss.

Solved: expanding the BBB filesystem in the conventional way as noted by
the 2 URLS in this thread – using fdisk on the proper partition (partition 2 if booted from SD), and then rebooting
and using resize2fs on the /dev/mmcp that corresponds to this partition works perfectly.
As usual, one must be careful with fdisk, but the defaults it suggests all work fine it seems,
and it’s really straightforward.

it worked for me with the RPi. No reason it shouldnt for other platforms.

You just need to make sure you are expanding the right filesystems.

if you post your output of df -h it would help more.

thanks - as I mentioned in my n-1 post above, following the standard bbb expand filesystem method worked perfectly.