(SOLVED) How to display album track number during play?

Hi All,

Is it possible to have the Volumio interface show the track number of the album being played? I have checked that the track is in the tag information.

RPI model 3b, operated headless over wifi, Volumio version 2.657

Thanks in advance!

Edited: to indicate solved…

After you switched on “Show Track Numbers” in Music library settings, you must make a new playlist because setting not changes playlists made before new setting. Possibly to see track numbers in library browser you might need to re-scan library, but I’m not sure of this. Also if you have no track number in tag or no tag it will not work.

Thanks Charly!

I had looked in the appearance section, but not in the music library section. For anyone else, In the ‘My Music’ page of the settings is a section called ‘Music Library Settings’ (second last section). Here you will find the ‘Show Track Numbers’ option.

It does seem an odd place for it - its not a music library setting at all, but an interface display option, but at least I was able to find it…