Solved!-How Does One Configure Remote Access to Volumio?

I want to be able to access my music from outside of my network.
I set the Raspberry Pi version of Volumio to Static settings and link the static IP to a Port on my router.

This is how I remote into everything, what am I doing wrong with this unit? Are there default ports with the Volumio Raspbery Pi I need to be using?

I figured it out, thanks.

I had to map my public port to my private port.

Next thing I want to do is be able to hear the music from my browser, any suggestions?


The port is default 80. If you want to use the remote app from your smartphone, you can not connect other. You need to be on WiFi in the same network to access to VOLUMIO.

You can use your internet browser to access your volumio through internet if you make a port translation on your Firewall, Router, … But translating 80 to your local network is a not safe. I suggest you tu use an other port than 80 for the incoming translation.

Exemple: Translate the 8880 (ext) to your 80 (int)

MyVolumio offers a way to connect remotely to your Volumio device from outside your network :wink:

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Solved! no, sorry it’s not so simple. It works sure but …
Open a remote access to your Volumio could be dangerous.
somebody could corrupt your Volumio and then have access to your LAN.
It’s not easy to do, but a real problem.
That why all serious web site add security : https, certificat, double authentification, …
It’s complicate but necessary.

Yes, every time you allow certain ports to be open for external access, you are risking your internal network security.

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