[Solved] Home network fails after volumio setup

This is my home-setup:

------> PC (wired)
------> NAS (wired)
------> RPIb+ (wired)

When RPIb+ Volumio is running, my entire network fails. however, the RPib+ stills plays en respond to WebUI over Wifi.
Network PC goes down. No internet connection. Also Wifi is down, but strangly my android phone can communicate with volumio over wifi. Can’t connect to the internet over wifi with phone or tablet.

It’s like de RPIb+ drains my network empy… strange.

Do i need to set RPIb+ volumio on a Wifi dongle? or does anybody know what is going wrong? DHCP or fixed IP?
NAS en Volumio set on fixed IP, not in the DHCP-range.

(sorry for my writen english, i’m dutch…)

Simply changed the switch and problem solved…