[Solved] Help on Library and help on tags

Hello, I am starting using the volumio! I am really interested in this project. The idea is to build a device, easy to use in order to play webradios and music from a USB stick connected to the raspberry.

The installation was straightforward. No issue in have the Volumio running, no issue in the WiFi configuration. The system recognize the USB stick. By the way I have some questions:

  • how to deal with the Library. I can see the list of all the mp3 into my stick, but all the files are classifed as unknown. How to deal with metatag?
  • whenever I would like to add music (mp3 files), just move the music into the USB stick and it is done? I mean I will see the music in the volumio library?

I know my questions are a little bit generic, but I cannot find any basic information about this. Thank you for your reply.


Yes, just add music to your USB drive and update the database (settings library and update database).
You can access the usb drive also from network and copy from there… Let me know!

The best way of dealing with metatags is to use mp3tag which will even edit meta idtags inside your stick given the right network config. Basically it’s this for windows. I think there is a similar Linux version. Or else most of the software media players like winamp and foobar have tagging tho not as good as mp3tag’s functionallity. It will also write tag data inside your NAS and add album art. All from databases so you just have to tell it what you want and it self populates.

Michelangelo, thank you for your help. By the way the procedure is not fully automatic. I mean you need to add the files and then move into the interface and presse the update database button.

No way to have a procedure that automatically recognize the “new” files and update the DB automatically.


ianmr65, I was thinking about a function that automatically download the tag from internet. Something like the Calibre software (ebook manager) that is capable to download from internet the metadata of the books.

I am trying to install the “Beets” software. I am still at the beginning of the installation procedure. If you are interested we can post here info.


Hi Lorenzo, I think you might struggle. The synology (NAS) forum is filled with audiophiles who want to index and tag there 20,000 song multi terabyte NAS’s automaticaly. The problem is getting software to run that will intelligently know that the same song is contained despite the difference between your file name… Great_Gig_In_The_Sky.flac. and someone else’s …Pink_Floyd_DSOM_GGITS.flac to run inside a NAS or usb stick that operates on different OS’s and distros and file strutures to each other and the host machine… And thats before you count the 200 or more different versions of Dark Side of the Moon that have been offcially released as well as the thousands of bootleg and pirate versions.
If you want an idea of how hard this is upload 2000 songs to google play music and see what a mess they make of properly artwotking and tagging. And google are supposed to be good at this kind of thing!!!

This company seems to have managed a partial solution but depend on your collection being held on a PC or Mac. And charge $50 a licence, tho they’ve recently released a Linux jar version…

Completelly agree with you. I am not looking for a perfect solution but right now into the volumio there is not this option. Michelangelo told me that he decided to remove this option because nobody was using it. I will try to add this feature following the “getting started” and I will post the results.

Thank you!

Hi, I’m Dan, I’m the programmer of the bliss project mentioned above. This page came up on my web analytics which is how I found it…

I just wanted to clear one thing up: bliss does not require “your collection being held on a PC or Mac”. In fact, bliss is designed for music servers. I’m not sure how Volumio classifies itself (interesting project btw), but if it’s Linux and can install Java, you could also install bliss on it and access the USB key from there. Furthermore, it can be installed on Synology (not sure why that was mentioned specifically but there you go): pcloadletter.co.uk/2012/09/17/bl … -synology/

Also, the Linux version is not new and was the very first version! Me, being a Linux user… (Xubuntu).

If anyone wants to work with me on getting bliss running on Volumio feel free to drop me a line: blisshq.com/contact.html