[Solved]Hard drive startup scan problem

Hello !

I have been using Volumio for a few weeks for webradios and listening for my MP3/FLAC collection on a local hard drive and it works really great except for one thing : at each startup, Volumio looses everything that was scanned on the HD during the last session and it is impossible to listen to anything, even webradios, before I manually perform a new scan (which takes around 20 minutes). I only have 2 solutions : switch off the HD to be able to listen webradios or perform a new full scan…

I tried to start the HD before switching on Volumio, during Volumio start up, once it has fully started, but it is always the same. I tried to use a small USB flash drive with only a few files the first day I installed Volumio, but from what I remember I did not have that problem.

I use Volumio lastest version on a Raspberry 3 with the Raspberry Screen (a Rastptouch from the French company Audiophonics). The hard drive is a 1TB NTFS drive in a USB case directly linked to the Raspberry. I also used a few “.mdpignore” files with “*” in certain folders (all except the music folders).

I am just waiting for this problem to be solved because I am very happy with Volumio and I cannot wait to have Qobuz on it. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help !

I totally agree with the negative experience of janosch. I point out that the rescan does not only happen at boot but also during a listening session, in this case it seems to depend on an undesired restart of the mpd.
I am very happy with Volumio but if it continues like this, in spite of myself, I will have to change software.

After a few months, I installed last week the latest update (2.668) hoping that this problem would have been solved, but unfortunately, it is still there. At each startup, I need to do a new full scan of my collection in order be able to listen to any of my music file.

Am I still the only one to have this problem ?

Thanks a lot for your help !

Exactly same experience on X86 platform with NAS, and I must mention, that NAS scanning is never ending process. It just got counters frozen in appx. 1/3 of NAS size, but arrows are spinning for another day… Later on, all the counters are zero and we can start scan again. I am getting crazy from that bug :frowning:

We will add an option to disable Hard Disk scanning on startup

Ottimo Michelangelo! That’s a good idea!

Great idea !

I tried to format my USB drive and now everything seems to be working great ! :smiley:

Hey, I’m facing the same problem. After i attached tje second hdd i did a complete rescan. After reboot volumio has forgotten the library…
Is there any solution yet?

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