[Solved] GUI

Hi, I’m new on the use of rpi and also with volumio

I flashed the SD card and turn on the device, it supose to enter in a graphic interface or what supose to do to start using volumio

I’m in a command promt and dont know what to do next

I apreciate if someone help me

To use Volumio you have to access from a web browser http:// volumio.local or ipofvolumiobox from a device on the same network. From this page you should be able to set all parameters. For a more advanced use you can SSH to volumio from a term at the address pi@ipadressvolumio password raspberry (but if you don’t know what I’m talking about just use the web browser). Once all setting are done, you can use a mpd client to play your music. Volumio is not design to be used with a graphical interface directly from the raspberry.

ty dude you just told me everything i need to know

Hey dude, smth else I need to do is stream voice (real time) with a microphone, volumio is able to do that?

Or you know some way to do that?