SOLVED: FNG needs some help.. (cmd login credntials)

Edit: username/password for the command prompt are volumio/volumio


I’m sorry if this is covered elsewhere… This is my first endeavor into the Pi world and I already got myself stuck. hopefully it’s a stupid simple fix…

I have a 3 B+, the pi 7" touchscreen and a Smarti Pi Touch case. I was able to flash Volumio to a sd card, and got it running no issue there.

I can log into the webgui, but my touch screen currently says:

I’m unsure what the defauly login information is, and I can’t find a settings box in the webgui to create an account or adjust root settings…

this is probably a no brainer for the more expierenced but like I said, it’s my first attempt…

Thanks in advance!

nevermind, i’m an asshat and didn’t search hard enough…


maybe consider putting this information in the DOCs quick start guide?

It is a Quick Start Guide to get you up and running a headless device (the most common option for people using Volumio). I think that adding a display and using the command line are more advanced topics.

I agree that they are probably more advanced, but I still think that default login information would be good to have readily accessible…

I know I’m in for a lot of googling and learning as I embark on this endeavor, but I didn’t anticipate not being able to log in being my first hurdle… haha

BUT … you don’t need to log in: that is the whole point :wink: Just point your browser on whatever device you like at your Volumio device’s IP address & away you go :slight_smile:

Anyway, enjoy the journey & feel free to ask whatever questions you like.