[Solved] First start...no joy

Just got a raspberry pi b+ with hifiberry. Downloaded the latest img (1.5) and flashed it to the sd card.

Stuff starts to happen. But after it seems that it has booted up… I try volumio.local in the browser but nothing happens.

I can connect with putty. (Logged in with user pi and password raspberry

And found this guide: fix-volumio-local-airplay-mpd-client-detect-not-working-t1359.html
when i type in
sudo host -t SOA local

it replies: Host local not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)"

I’ve attached a file which shows some stuff going wrong.

Any pointers?

Type the ip of rpi in browser.

I did. But with the port number. Should I have left that out? But no luck.

I’ll try again this evening.

only the ip adress without the port number

it works. Thanks!

Aaaannnnddd…it is playing music as well now!!!