[Solved] Disable consume mode at startup

Hey guys,

i’m currently struggling with the consume mode. I always forget to disable it manually and mess up my playlists. Is it possible to automatically disable it at startup? Til now, I did not find a config file where I would be able to diasble this feature.

Help wil be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


forget it, it will be turned on again by sth i don,t know
add the following lines to /etc/rc.local before exit 0:

(sleep 5;
mpc consume off

exit 0

and reboot

Hey weereew,

thanks for your reply. I already tried that with different sleep timers but had no luck either.

i think what control the consume mode should be a php script somewhere in /var/www

Yes, I thought so, too. I performed a grep for “consume” and similar search terms in this directory but did not find any results, which seem to do the trick.

sleep 5 is WAY too short. Try extending it to 30 or even 60 seconds. There may be more elegant ways, but I found the optimal delay this way:

  1. Put ( sleep 5; mpc consume off ) & in your /etc/rc.local
  2. Reboot Volumio (I’m on an RPi with I2S DAC)
  3. SSH into Volumio as soon as possible
  4. Type this into your terminal: while true; do mpc status; sleep 1; done
  5. When consume mode changes from OFF to ON, hit Ctrl-C
  6. Count the number of lines consume mode was OFF, and add at least that amount of time to “sleep 5” in your /etc/rc.local
  7. Test it!

With my RPi hooked up to an external monitor, I noticed that consume mode would revert to “on” the exact moment I received the following message:

pi@volumio:~$ [ 60.637074] bcm2835-cpufreq: switching to governor performance

That gave me an upper bound (60 seconds) for how long to set the sleep delay. I was able to reduce the delay to 28 seconds for my particular setup. YMMV. This is a known problem that will hopefully be fixed in future updates.

HTH - Adrian