[Solved]Cannot access USB drive through Ethernet

Hello !

I have a problem that I do not remember having a few months ago (before I reinstall Volumio on a my Raspberry pi 3 and my computer on Linux Mint).

I am using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 3 connected to my home network via Ethernet. What I would like to do is to be able to access the USB Drive connected to the Raspberry from my computer via ethernet to be able to easily copy/delete files on it.

From my computer File Manager (Nautilus), I try to access to the USB drive by ‘Network/Windows Network’, but my computer could not mount anything.

I saw that I have Samba installed by default on my computer. I do not know if the problem comes from my computer or the Raspberry…

If anyone could help me, it would be just awesome !

Thanks a lot !

To be more specific, could anyone tell me if by default Volumio allows access to a USB drive via Ethernet or if I shall do something to allow it ?
This way, I would know that I should look deeper in my computer rather than in the raspberry.

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

Problem solved !

I just had to enter ‘smb://192.168.X.X’ in Nautilus to be able to reach the USB drive on the Raspberry. :smiley: