[Solved] Boot problems with b+ model

Yesterday I made the first attempt to get my b+ model with a hifiberry dac running.
Unfortunately, nothing happened after I powered on. Both leds are just on, nothing more. I got the information that this is a sign of no booting. I have a transcend class 10 sdhc micro SD card which was also tested positive on (16gb) the pi’s hardware list. I used the 1.41 img but my SD card was not in a out of the box condition. It was formatted several times with both fs, fat32 and ext4.
I followed the instructions and used the dd command to write the image.
Do I need something special on my card like MBR or something?
I have no idea in the moment what to do.
Maybe someone can help me. I am writing the card on Linux system.

No (as far as i know)

Try it with fat32 and without the DAC.
How much power do you get from your powersupply?

My power supply should have 2A.

Hello again,

I reinstalled the img again on a complete fat32 formatted sd card. Now it just works. Do not know, what I did wrong the other day. The only thing I can imagine is, that I typed /dev/sdb1 instead of /dev/sdb for the “dd” command and that the img was just not installed correctly and the pi could not find the files to boot with.
Thanks for your help.