[Solved] Best practices: NFS mount options


I am looking for NFS expert ideas to have my NFS export mounted as good as possible to my 100bit/s connection of my raspberry running volumio.

At the moment it is only:


But I am wandering about:

rsize=, wsize=, udp, nolock, intr, noexec


I would love to know the answer to this as well, I have had difficulty in mounting a read-only NFS and having Volumio recognize the library.

I understand that mpd needs 777 permissions when using NFS, otherwise you’ll get permisions errors from mpd as it tries to scan the library - this has been my experience.

No issues with SAMBA read-only mounts.

Can anyone help with this?

Well, no 777 needed for me: my NFS is mounted ro (read only)

Now my optimized mount options:


An update - I’ve found out that MPD doesn’t actually need 777 permissions on all files - you can mount music directories as read-only via NFS and it will work fine.

What you DO need to do to make that happen is that the user MPD us running under needs to have execute (+x) permissions on the music directory

If it has execute permissions, it will happily index the files. Without execute permissions on the parent directory, it will complain of permissions errors…