[SOLVED] adding a webradio


I haven’t found how to add a webradio. Any function for this ?
Or should I edit some file ?

Specifically, I need radioparadise.com/, no work possible without them :slight_smile:


Hi Charles,

(edited to make it an easy reference for other users in the future)

1.) when your pi is powered on and connected, use your normal computer to open the network folder which is named “volumio”. (In windows: open the explorer and type \volumio\ in the address line)

2.) you’ll find 4 subfolders, one of it is named “WebRadio”. It contains all the .pls or .m3u files for the pre-installed webradio stations. For any station you want to include, simply add the corresponding .pls or .m3u file.
(Even better: You can rearrange your streams in further subfolders. I will post a separate entry for that).

3.) Just open your browser and go to the volumio WebUI, click on BROWSE and then use the little menu at the right hand side of your entry on WEBRADIO. There is an option “UPDATE THIS FOLDER”, which is needed to make volumio recognise the changes.

4.) Refresh your browser and navigate to the WEBRADIO folder. The streams should be there.

For reference: I figured this out from the following post in the raspyfi forum:
raspyfi.com/forum/raspyfi-in … spyfi-1-0/

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I’ve found the following page:
which lists tons of possible streams.

Under the AAC category I found the following link giving a file with the .m3u suffix:

I’ve used that for the procedure described above and it all worked out. However, I suggest to rename the file such that you can easily identify the station. The WebUI apparently just shows the file names.

For the German listeners:
Die files für die Onlinestreams von Deutschlandradio Kultur, Deutschlandfunk und DRadio Wissen finden sich hier:

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worked great, I’m now listening to Paradise again, thanks a lot !!!

Thank you for explaining that!

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Could someone explain ( in very simple language please ) how to do this via a Mac as I don’t have a Widows machine.

Many thanks.

just open finder

in the left menu click on


the in finder open the webradio folder

I cannot any longer get this brilliant radio updater to work with volume 1.3 beta, I was forced to upgrade to 1.3 to get hifiberry to work :frowning:
Michelangelo any ideas why after updating the WEBRADIO directory the refresh does not update the GUI and add the new streams

thanks Max

OK it works,now but the only way is by running the update MPD database from the Library menu, and only there, after you have updated the web radio directory

There is an easy Way to add stations:

LG Gerry

Any insight on how to make this work on a Cubox?

I can add the radio station, refresh the folder but nothing shows up on the paly list when I try to play.



I am not sure if I get what you mean by “try to play”.
Did you succeed to get the file listed? I mean, did you put it in the folder WEBRADIO, did you then go to the WebUI, select “Browse”, “WEBRADIO”, klick on the little menu on the right, select “Update this folder”, and then the file you mean did not show up in your WEBRADIO folder within the list of webradio stations? Or does the file show up but you can’t play it, meaning if you use the little menu on the right and select “add and play” it’s not transered to your Playlist? Did you check if the file its broken or does it have weird characters in the file name etc? I remember that I once had some issues with either m3u or pls. If you have an alternative file for the same station, you can try this one and see if it works.
Best, N.

Sorry for coming back to this issue with radio stations. My volumio runs embedded within my WLAN as 192.168.xxx.xx so I cant see any directories named Volumio in my network … is this correct?

How do I then gain access to the radio directories pls?

Also failed mounting the net volumes in “MyMusic” (here using a german fritz-box as my NAS) … anyone could give some advice pls?


Berry, please start a new thread giving details of your device, Volumio version, and exactly what your problem is. It’s much better for people searching similar problems.

With android it’s easy to add a webradio. Just use a function of the app M.A.L.P:
In the playlist you can select the menu and add a direct streaming URL or a URL to a playlist.
This stores an entry in the folder /var/lib/mpd/playlists.

To add a radio in volumio2, please have a look here : https://volumio.github.io/docs/User_Manual/Using_tabs.html