[SOLVED] 2.031 Plugin install hangs & inconsistent display

I’ve installed a plugin by uploading a zip file (source here: github.com/ivesdebruycker/volum … -playlists)

The installation is successful and the plugin works afterwards, but the installation dialog progress bar hangs.

In addition, the modal window cannot be closed so the web UI has to be reloaded.

plugin install.PNG

Afterwards, the plugin is disabled, but after enabling it (and seeing the additional library view entries it generates) it still says “Inactive” - even after page reload.


Are these issues caused by an incorrect plugin or is this in volumio?

The same behavior was in earlier 2.x versions as well.


You’ve probably made a couple of mistakes:

In the shell script of plugin installation you should signal with

echo "plugininstallend"

when the install is finished.

So, even if you don’t have a install.sh file because you don’t have dependencies, just include one with just the line above.

Then, to enable and disable plugins, you need to make the functions like this:

[code]ControllerSpop.prototype.onStart = function() {
var self = this;

var defer=libQ.defer();

//do what you do here

return defer.promise;


ControllerSpop.prototype.onStop = function() {
	var self = this;

	return libQ.resolve();

This is beacuse we use promises to know when a plugin has finished starting or stopping…

Thanks michelangelo, the plugin in fact doesn’t handle those aspects correctly…