[Solved] 1.5 version not working on cubox-i

Hello everyone,

after several tries with different cards, it seems that the cubox-i image for 1.5 version (Volumio1.5Cuboxi.img) is corrupted. The cubox is not starting… can anybody confirm ?

It worked for me on Cubox I4pro. No problems with install, have you tried any other installation to confirm the Cubox is working?


Hi Pat E and thank you for your answer…

I also use a Cubox I4pro witch is working perfectly fine with older version of volumio, (or other distribs).

I wonder if it’s the way I’m doing the disk image… So now you tell me it’s working with you, I will check again all the steps, especially the way I dump the image to the disk.

I’ll let you know.


Indeed !! Thank you again Pat,

I just missed the tiny step :

The SD Name will be rdisk[n], same as above but without s1 in the end (e.g. /dev/disk3s1 -> /dev/rdisk3).

Regards …