Solution Airplay not showing

last week I tried volumio again, and was happy to find airplay was working :smiley:

but then after a day it just disappeared. I’ve been banging my head last week trying to solve it. I knew it could work and now I want it!

after searching the forums and rebooting, rebuilding, rewriting the sdcard with a fresh image, still nothing

then my new router arrived and I just let it be, but after I configured my new router Airplay popped up :slight_smile:

so it had to be something wrong with my original router, and I searched for anything that could be changed.

well it seems that when my router is reboot, it resets some setting for my wifi!

when I disable WMM for wifi, Airplay works, when I reboot WMM is set to enabled AIrplay stops working.

hope this helps someone and save you your time.


What is WMM?