Software Volume Control on RPi & Hifiberry

Hello forum,

I am using a RPi 3B+ with a HifiBerry DAC and stock image. Because the Hifiberry DAC has no hardware volume control I sucessfully used the software mixer up to Volumio 2.619.

After update to version 2.657 I realized that using the volume control dail on the web UI does not have any effect on the output volume any more. After several tries with changed configs, reeboots and so on I finally gave up. Sometimes when I’ve chosen the Software Mixer Option, the audio output stops and an error message “no alsa divice: softmixer” pops up…

It seems to me that the new version unfortunately killed the software volume control for me.

Has anybody a good idea to fix that?

Best regards,

Hello all, I have the same problem with 2 Hifiberry RPIs since I upgraded to version 2.657. Is this a known issue and how to fix this?