Software Mixer: no Signal (2.041 Raspi 2b Hifiberry DAC)


First a big Thank You to all the people contributing to this beautiful Project!!!

I have a annoying problem when using the Software Volume Control, which i need because my DAC does not support Hardware Control.
As soon as i switch to software control there is no Audio Signal any more even though the song keeps playing. Also switching back to (none) does not bring back the sound. Only through resetting the output to jack and then to DAC gives me a Signal again, which is not controllable trough the user interface.

Any Ideas or should i just wait for the next release?

Thanks a lot!


Do you reboot after changing from hardware to software control? It is not evident from your post.

This problem still exists with 2.119 (I use a Hifiberry DAC), however there is a simple fix.

ssh to the device and issue the following command:

sed -i 's/mixer_type\ \ \ \ \ \ \"hardware\"/mixer_type\ \ \ \ \ \ \"software\"/g' /etc/mpd.conf

Alternately, edit /etc/mpd.conf with a text editor, changing the mixer type from hardware to software. A restart of volumio will then be required (systemctl restart volumio.service).

This edit will be overwritten - and therefore stop working - if you subsequently save any further “playback options”.