Software Mixer and streaming services giving Pop/Crack noise in the DAC audio output at beginning of track

Observed this issue with Youtube Music and native Web Radios (Volumio Selection).
When a new stream has been selected, a strong pop/click noise is generated in the beginning of the track. This noise is harmful for the speaker set as it is full amplitude for a short time. Usually two consecutive crackles in a interval of 100ms.
My setup: Pi 3b+ and Suptronics X400 (based on ES9018 chipset).
Network cable connected to the router, 100MB/s.
I2S device selection as Generic or R-PI DAC were able to drive my DAC just fine in Volumio 2.917 without any noise when switching streams.

The issue is happening with versions 3.499 and 3.569 as I experimented, both from fresh SD card installation.

Looking for any guidance please. Is that an issue with Software mixer? Or streaming services (local webradios, including the ones from Volumio Selection) are affected. There is no noise issue when playing local files.

PS: I know there are similar issues reported before here in the community regarding pop/crackles with different DAC devices, so I do not believe is something DAC specific. And none of them have solutions yet, unfortunatelly.

After further investigation, I realized there should be something related to MPD , or ALSA, or DAC drivers. There are multiple posts in the web from the last few years reporting the same issue, but still an unknown reason.
By the way, tested with Volumio 3.611 which claims to come with updated version of MPD but problem persists.

on the contrary, it’s something very DAC specific, most probably the way your DAC handles the transition from one sample-frequency to another

I get no pop at all using the very same I2S driver “RPI-DAC” wiht a PCM5102

Hello Darmur, thanks for sharing your case. My setup also works perfectly with Volumio 2.917 with not presenting any sound issue. So I think something has changed under the hood on 3.x versions…