So easy, so good

I’ve ripped most of my collection as lossless stored on a synology ds220 but found windows, plex etc such a pita to work with as a casual listening session seemed to involve playback problems awful interfaces and generally too much like the day job in IT and I kind of gave up as I didn’t want to start spending on AV kit all over again having kicked the habit already. I initially went with Plex on a 4 with the intention of playing back via my Samsung tv and then something happened on the plex side or the Samsung side in October and nothing would play. And then I found Volumio, and Allo Boss DAC and now I’ve got fantastic sound, UI at a great price. Keep up the great work.

Welcome @hippygold42 . Volumio was great when I found out about a couple of years ago, and it keeps getting better.

I just got my feet wet with Volumio. I love it! Particularly its sound. I was a long time Roon user, but always disliked its sound. In parallel to Roon, I used Audirvana that sounded a lot better, but had serious problems with UPnP from my Mac to my Raspi.
Fed up with bad sound and connection problems, I turned towards Volumio running on a Raspberry Pi 4B. The sound emanating from my speakers took me by surprise! Beautiful, well resolved and completely lacking any harshness (that drove me bonkers with Roon). I went further and permanently installed the latest Volumio version on a silent i5 NUC. The NUC is USB connected to my Devialet Expert 120. Volumio runs lightning quick on this little NUC. And the sound is just superb! A long, sometimes frustrating search for the right player/OS has come to an end! Volumio is great!


I have been browsing for an idea for a DIY audio rack and this one just gave me a great idea!

Sorry for theater reply!

Glad you get some ideas from my setup. The rack is the same, but I changed my computer to a MacBook Air that was lying around for a long time. It works more reliably than my previous NUC setup.

Br, Paul