Snapcast Plugin Help

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.882
Hardware: RPi Zero W
DAC: None

I installed Volumio on an unused RPi Zero w to see what it can do. Totally impressed so far but I’ve run into a snag.

I installed the Snapcast plugin, it seemed to install just fine, but when I tried to connect a client to it, it didn’t find the server.
I have a snapclient on another server running and thought that it might be causing an issue so I stop that snap server and tried again, no go.

I looked through the plugin setup and figured I’d stop the server and restart it. When restarting I noticed a red box flash in the top right but quickly replaced by a green box.
I thought I saw something about config so I did a Patch file under Patch ALSA Configuration, I was able capture a screen shot and the red box said:

Configuration failed
failed to update asound configuration with error: Error: Command failed:
/bin/sed -i –
/d’ /etc/asound.conf /bin/sed:
couldn’t open temporary file
/etc/sedf3VJeg: Permission denied

I tried to SSH into my RPi zero but the SSH connection was refused.

Can I suggest that you contact the author for help by PM @Saiyato, or on the Github site, where the plugin is maintained (you can find the URL under the Snapcast entry in Volumio Plugins Collection).

I seem to be running into a permissions issue. I recorded the restart and there were 2 files that were giving the error metioned in my previous post. Since I’m lazy, I wanted to test the setup, and it’s not connected to the interwebs I gave everyone full access to the files.
The deamon still would not run but I was able to start snapcast from the command line and it accepted clients.
The audio quality was terrible, snaps and pops all the time.

I have snapcast running on a VM and that instance with the same clients does not have the same audio issue.

I’m not sure if it’s Volumio, snapcast , or the fact both are running on a RPi Zero W (connected wirelessly).

Hi there,

Sorry for barging in late, but I’ve had bad results on WiFi as well. I haven’t tried it ever since, but it’s a streaming protocol which is kind of sensitive to flaky connections. You GUI might not show it, but WiFi is pretty much a walky-talky-like protocol, very sensitive to noisy neighbours. Unless you’re able to implement WiFi 6 I think we can safely assume we need error correction in our programs to fix these errors.

Another cause can be resampling, this is quite CPU intensive, you might want to fiddle with the settings. But I must warn you, it’s not for the faint-hearted :wink:

I use 44.1KHz for MPD (in /etc/mpd.conf) and I resample the stream for SnapCast to 44.1KHz as well (default is 48KHz iirc). This might cost some extra CPU cycles, you can try changing both to 48KHz, but I believe volspotconnect comes in at 44.1KHz, which means you risk distorted sound from Spotify.

Update: @rlongfield I’m pretty certain it’s a samplingrate issue, just tested with 48KHz and I get lots of noise, which goes away when I resample to 44.1KHz.

Update2: noise also occurs when two streams are configured to read from the same fifo.