SnapCast and Peppy Metter

Has anyone managed to get peppymetter from

work when using snapcast client from

meter works fine with local files and spotify, but not when using the device as a snapcast client.
@Saiyato @balbuze

peppyMeter plugin
This plugin was an early proof of concept with the new volumio alsa pipelne. It works need to be updated to be fully compliant with Volumio 3
Snapclient plugin
Is not designed to use volumio alsa pipelne… See with the author @Saiyato

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To be honest, I guess the ALSA pipeline is actually necessary to work for the snapcast ecosystem, haven’t found the time to really wrap my head around this. The whole asound-chaining is a bit beyond me at this point to be honest :wink:

What I did do is make sure the snapcast binaries work as intended and are also available as containers. Last couple of weeks I’ve been working on pydPiper, which seems to be working now as well (although there are intermittent connection issues to Volumio), but I digress.

In short, it will not work until I figure out where to insert what for SnapCast; my guess is that snapclient (the playback component) would be most eligible to be linked to peppy.