SnapCast Across Subnets


I’ve been trying to get the SnapCast plugin working in volumio for some time, but I’m trying to get it to sync playback across to a different subnet, through various switches and general network infrastructure.

I camt see it mentioned anywhere if the plugin relies on bonjour, which of course I know is tricky through subnets.

Does anyone have any ideas or guidance how I can sync playback from the one Volumio server, so we hear the same audio output from the server, to another client on another subnet?



You can ask the author of SnapCast on GitHub, but afaik it’s a matter of “simple” tcp connections. Which means if your routing is ok, it should work out of the box.

Obviously you could use Wireshark to find out what traffic is sent where, then you’ll know for sure :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if anyone here’s able to answer that for you.


IIRC (I could be wrong) port 1704 and 1705 that needs to opened up bidirectionally…