Snap Cast server sync multiroom?

Hi All,
Iv got a Pi3 hidden in vintage tuner sitting on-top vintage AMP turn table looking good working how i want it. 1tb usb drive with all my music stored at this pi. (not sure if i can get this to act like a server that would be a bonus plex? maybe)

Now i’m trying to set another pi its the pi1 clocked etc just to make it a little faster. All working can see and play my music stored at my pi3 via the mini dlna. (but not via a network drive is this possible and how?)

But want to sync the music on both playing same at same time (not bothered about spotify etc yet). Iv installed snap cast but cant get it to work? is this because I i’m not using a server/pc to stream the music to both players?

As you prob can tell i’m a bit of a novice

Any help would be great

You could make a samba share of your music and mount it on the other RPi (or an NFS export).

If you don’t want to use dlna, then try smb or nfs.

You should use the snapcast settings to set one RPi (presumably the RPi 3) as server, and the other as client. Indeed with this setup you wouldn’t even need to do the network sharing. Have you read the documentation?

Wow. Thank you. Really sat down and read and read AND it WORKS!!
Plays on both great, but how can i stop the “kitchen” (client) playing…when i play “Living Rm” (main Server)?
Are hoping to setup more around house (groups).

I haven’t played with this for a long time now, but isn’t there a setting in the plugin UI to disable the client or indeed the server?

Its took me that long to get it work, scared to change any settings :laughing: Yer sure there was a toggle switch will use that then. Just was thinking there may have been away from the Main Controls. (working progress i guess)
The people who write these programs or code what ever you may call them… Not got a clue myself So thank you.