SMSL M8A DAC - compatibility of USB (XMOS Xcore200Xu208)

I just purchase the SMSL M8A DAC.
But I’m afraid whether volumio could recognize this gear connected by USB interface.
Type of USB : XMOS USB audio solution XCore200 Xu208

for which platform are you asking. RPI, X86, others?
XMOS should be ok not rmally, there many different USB DACs with it working out-of-the-box.

I am using it. It works but does seem a bit too demanding for use with built in RasPi3 wireless, at least.

I also using M8A, on the display it shows 352.0kHz instead of 2.82MHz during playback of a dsd file. Its seem Volumio has converted the native DSD to PCM even though turned the DoP to off.

Is this still the case?

I see the same thing. I have tried Hardware and Software volume control, set the volume at 100% which makes a difference on some DACs, etc. No change.

I also am unable to play DSD128 on the M8A. The Volumio “Playback” screen shows that the file is playing but it looks like data is not reaching the M8A during DSD128 play.

Mine is working… More or less… But it’s a miss and go.

The dsd to PCM to dop is sometimes also playing, 2.82.

You have to turn the DAC on and off. And than it regonize dsd streaming. Reading in the display.

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I figured out how to get dsd streaming working each time…

My gear is an Asus Tinkerboard wit IFI ipurifier2.

First start up Volumio and wait for full boot.
After that Power on on the M8a.

When switching off. First Volumio than the DAC.

Strange thing though DSD to PCM is working as DSD direct.

If the DAC don’t initialize just select the dac in the drop down menu and hit the save button again.

And DSD direct is working as DSD to PCM.

I don’t know if the developers are reading this.?