SMB Share mount error

Hi, I am having problems mounting my SMB share on my new router. I have a 2TB WD HDD attached to my D-Link DSL-2890AL. With ip 192.168.x.x and Remote Directory WD_Ext_35321 and guest access I get a green tick, and the library (Including the file Music) updates and everything works. However, when I change the Remote Directory to WD_Ext_35321/Music to just connect to the music file, I get a red cross and a message: mount error(2): no such file or directory.
The path I am using seems to be correct, and is: \192.168.x.x\WD_Ext_35321\Music which is the path shown in Windows Explorer. The router is set to allow guest access, but the same thing happens if I change permissions to require a password.

Any suggestions to help me resolve this will be much appreciated. :confused: