Small gift for Volumio community: BassFly uHat

Do we any news regarding a group buy?

I aligned with @volumio , they will take care of ordering the first batch and they will also take care of logistics and shipment. I think we’re waiting for quote from PCB manufacturer.

This is the original project done few years ago (BassFly without OLED screen and with one tactile button only). I use it every day in at work in the lab, I love listening to music while working :slight_smile:

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Yes we are taking care of the order so people can enjoy it esily.

Those interested please post here so we can also understand demand :wink:

I am interesting in

  1. The total cost of the pcb +asembly, to know how many I will order.
  2. If the price will be high on point 1, I will order only the pcbs, 3 or 4, depends.

need to know option (if any) that can be ordered

After long time I finally got some bare PCBs of this project.

I manually soldered all the components on the first one, here the result:

I can be little biased, but it’s super cool!

I mapped the 4 buttons to play/pause, shotdown, vol+ and vol-, the 3 LEDs to SD-activity, Volumio status and play status.

I still need to make OLED screen working, but I can see it recognized on I2C bus

Hi Darmur,
I ma really interesting in this setup, I already have the speakers, once also the hat I ready I will buy the pi zero, I already spoked with some friends and they can solder the components on the pcb board So I just need the board and the sw :slight_smile:

I’ll be interested when the BassFly uHat is ready. Either a kit of parts ready to solder or fully populated are ok with me. I might use it as a project with students in which case I could be interested in a larger quantity.

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One the coolest thing to do with an oled is Antiprism’s ( OLED status and spectrum display.

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I have one spare bare PCB i can send for free, please send me your address with a private message

That would be great, I’d love to support that!

Yes that was the idea,I verified the OLED screen is active on I2C bus but I didn’t try to make it working yet

I just order a small batch of assembled BassFly-uHAT (19 pieces) to take advantage of a running promotion, they should be ready within 1 month.

Hi Darmur,
What is the price for one?

If you want one spare PCB only I can sent it for free (send me your address with a private message).

If you want a fully-assembled BassFly (with OLED display, but without microphones) the price will be 22 EUR + shipping cost

Today I spent some time to enable OLED screen, it works like a charm!

Hi Darmur,
this is what I was waiting for,
I will send you the adress in about 1 hour for 1 fully equipped pcb and one bare, if you have 2 bare pcbs it will be great.

OK, I can provide that!

I’m on holiday at the moment, I’ll write back to you when I’ll be back in the Netherlands (mid august)

An idea, might have been discussed before.

If you are using iPhone or iPad, use Shortcuts app and set a Scripting Step for Run Script over SSH. Make sure you enable SSH on Volumio and just use the CMD commands (eg: volumio play), give it a name and then just use Siri with voice commands to start/stop etc. Can be a “little smart kitchen radio”.

Believe others platforms might work like Alexa.