Slow response to music library on Mobile Devices

Hardware: Pi3, Hifiberry DAC+, Music Library is on a Synology Diskstation DS716+, connected via CIFS
The Library is added to volumio without any problems. Network Connection via Ethernet.

With my Desktop PC (Linux Mint 17.3, Firefox) there are no problems with browsing through the Library. Fast access to Folders and Subfolders as it should be. Same response as in Volumio 1.5.

But with any Mobile Device the browsing through the Library on the NAS stuck and is unbelievable slow. Only with the NAS, Web Radio access is okay.
Clicking on “Music Library” > “NAS”, nothing happens. Clicking again, nothing. Clicking over and over again, the name of the Library appears or sometimes not.
Trying to open the Library (if it appears), the same procedure starts again. No response on Clicking (optical feedback is there). If the Library opens, it is fast as it should be. Same procedure with the subfolders.
I tried any Mobile Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) and different Devices (Google Pixel C, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Asus MemoPad FHD10, Samsung S3), but the behavior is the same on any Device. Volumio 1.5 is working perfect with all of the Devices.
The WEB UI isn’t slow, it’s only the access to the Music Library. But not with the PC. and not with Volumio 1.5.


I suspect you have lots of folder in your NAS right? Or files?
We’ve made our best to keep the UI fast, but unfortunately angular isn’t as fast as pure js …
Could you tell how many folders you have? How many files?

Yes, my Music Library is a little bit on the bigger Side. Volumio itself says 867 Artists, 1150 Albums, 13542 Tracks, 1087:05.19 Playtime.

A quick view on the NAS: 1134 Folders and Subfolders, 12716 Objects.

But the slow response is only when controlling Volumio via Mobile Device.
Using my PC with the normal Browser, the response of the Music Library is not always that slow. Sometimes the access to Folders and Subfolders is fast, sometimes not. At the moment i can open the root of the library with 169 Folders very quick, but not the Subfolders. After a while, the access will normalize and the speed while browsing through all Folders is fast.
On the Mobile Devices, it is always slow.
For now as a Workaround, i use BubblePNP for access to my Library and Volumio for Audio Render.


Yes, I have a similar problem.

hello, I confirm the same issue. I experience slow response when browsing Music library / NAS via WebUI by web browser on Android device. When connected by browser from PC it is responding quickly. I have 378 folders/subfolders and 2621 files on NAS.

I’m running Volumio 2 on a Raspberry Pi 3. My music library has 2023 artists, 1436 albums and 16,247 tracks. Browsing the music library on my iPhone 6s in both Safari and Chrome is lightening fast, I can’t recreate any sluggish UI response on it or an old iPad 2 I have.

+1 with an Android device. This is a serious issue, I think. Browsing a music library without extreme lag should be a basic function.

With the Testing Versions, the Issue seems fixed.

The issue is still there in my setup, system version 2.041.
Everything fine on PC browsers. No go on mobile browsers.

Problems / tested on on:
Android 4.2: Chrome and Opera
Android 6: Chrome and Opera
Blackberry OS 10.3: BB Browser

HW setup is:
RasPi 3
Mamboberry DAC
Connected via Ethernet cable

It’s never particularly helpful when people say “well it works ok here,” but that is my reply. I don’t really understand why this should be a Volumio problem (but quite willing to listen to reasons why). Surely the android browser is just receiving and displaying the same info as a PC or Mac?? :confused: OK there is an argument that the output of Volumio is not optimised for a mobile experience, but that certainly doesn’t explain why it works fine from my phone.

Hello, are there any updates or is a solution recommended?

I am running the newest version of volumio2 on a RP3 and controlling the music via iPad and Safari is very slow.
No problem via PC.



I echo the previous comments.

For me the web UI gets non-responsive or extremely slow (response times > 10 seconds) after a couple of minutes if I leave it on in idle state. I use iOS devices, usually with Safari. No such problems with my PC. My setup is WiFi-based connection to RPi3 with Hifiberry AMP+.

The problem seems complex as I cannot solve the problem by restarting the iOS browser. It feels like some UI network traffic is flooding Volumio which blocks the client device somehow.

There are also other UI problems which I think may have this problem as their root cause, like:

  • displaying the wrong name of the song being played,
  • displaying wrong volume
  • displaying wrong position in the song

I have the same issue… both on pc and mobile device connected via Wifi. Volumio machine (rpi 3b+) is connected to the modem via lan.

When click on a folder, song or whatever it needs time to go on. The same if i start a putty session or a filezilla transfer.

This started after changing the modem: I’ve passed from Telecomitalia to Vodafone/vodafone station modem.

Are there any special setting I have to do on the modem’s config or on the pi?

Thank you all