Slow push playlist to Volumio from Bubbleupnp

Hi everyone. Been ages since I used Volumio and pleased to get back to using in on a RP3 & Tinytosslink. Thanks to all the guys at Volumio for your hard work. You are doing a great job.

I have noticed I am getting slow push of playlists. When using Bubbleupnp and selecting play for an album of 10 tracks bubble takes about 6-8 seconds to complete the push. The album then plays normally.

This seems to be related to the bubbleupnp communication with Volumio. Using the same setup/album etc and using other renderers the transfer of playlist happens in 1/2 second. The same when transferring the playlist to OSMC on RP3. Using differnet DLNA servers as source does not effect the time (Twonky & MiniDLNA).

Any ideas on why it is a slow playlist transfer?

RP3 running Volumio 2.246 / Android 6.0 Bubbleupnp licensed 2.8.10 / MiniDLNA/ReadyMedia 1.2.1


OK so just tried HiFi Cast app and that pushes the playlist without delay so it is a compatability issue between Volumio and current Bubbleupnp.

I did some investigation/sending logs with the Bubble developers and they came back with theses comments:

[i]Volumio uses opensource umpdpcli as renderer:

This renderer (volumio) has 2 different ways to be controlled:

  • as a regular UPnP/DLNA
  • as an OpenHome renderer

The log shows that upmpdcli is controlled as an OpenHome renderer. HiFI cast does not support OpenHome, so it is controlling
it in UPnP/DLNA mode (assuming HiFi cast controls upmpdcli and not smething else running on Volumio).

When you add 40 tracks to upmpdcli in OpenHome mode, there are 40 requests, 1 for each track.
Usually this is fast enough but here the log shows that upmpdcli is very slow to add each track.
There is not much BubbleUPnP can do here. I do not have knowledge of upmpdcli being slow
at inserting tracks but it is possible there is a bug in a version. I do not know what upmpdcli version
is used on Volumio. [/i]

So it looks like an issue with the current version of Volumio and or umpdpcli.

Can the volumio developers comment on this for is.


Ok, I have had a reply on Github so will continue the discussion there so can close this subject here. … -331116549

thank you, recognized the same issue (Volumio, minidlna, bubbleupnp).

Good to hear it is not just me experiencing this bug. Have not had any luck over at Github. Can anyone from Volumio comment on this apparent bug in the current Volumuo? Finding it hard to get help.

Had this reply from @volumio so does seem to be a bug for anyone experiencing similar problems. Hopefully it will be fixed in the future. In the meantime using Android ‘HiFi cast’ app instead of bubbleupnp is a work around.

“As stated this might be a bug in upmpdcli itself. Sorry but for us this is low priority, as there isn’t much we can do here (and setting openhome to 0 will probably break something else)”.

Thank you for the hint! Hifi Cast works well also without G**St*re.

Still exists. moOde Audio player uses the same library, but there is no such issue.
And I guess based on this … efault#L27 that they keep OpenHome on, but it’s just a guess.