Sleak, Modernized Volume Enclosure Project Concept Wire Mesh

After building my bamboo carbon fiber enclosures. I sketched up a quick diagram a couple of years ago.

I would love to see it 3d modeled or even built. Used Nativ Vita’s Screen Size and angle but it needed a modern touch. With way better hardware and upgradability.

I have skills but 3d modeling aint one of them. I can draw a circle thats about it.

The main purpose of this quick concept, was to be the center piece of your audio rack / entertainment center etc. So everybody would go wow what is that thing etc. 9.7 to 11 lcd was my thoughts easy on the eyes. Screen that could tilt so you can achieve better viewing angle. It sucks having to lean or bend down to see the display. With Transparent edges that could be softly lighted up to make it pop in a dark room. With two transparent green light strip on the base. The wire mesh on my Mac Pro, just looks amazing gave me the idea for the enclosure face.

Using a Intel i5 or NUC size motherboard with M2 Ssd and data port. 4gb Ram. Using a Dragonfly Cobalt Blue/Red great sounding DAC.

Any Thoughts??