skipping on model B (512 MB)


I have two Raspberry pi model B the 512 MB model.
I also have a Pi 2B (the 1GB 900Mhz model.)

I find both my model Bs occasionally skip when listening to audio.
I’ve reinstalled Volumio on a new SD.
I’ve used WIFI and Ethernet and see the same issue.

I’ve put a heatsink on the chips.

I’ve put an over clock in the config.txt nothing has resolved the issue.
Is see it on HDMI audio and headphone port.

The symptoms are as if someone has pressed the pause button for half a second. it’s never a long pause just a very very brief pausing of audio.
Sometimes i get through a few song with no interruption but sometimes I see it a couple of times in a song.

Anyone else seen this?
My broadband is 200+Mb with not other contention so I don’t think this related to my internet connection problems also I have not seen this symptom on my Raspberry Pi 2 B.

looking on top i can’t see any real load and I can’t spot what’s causing the very brief hang.

ideas or help very welcome!
(I really don’t really want to buy 2 more model 2 Pis I have 2 old ones which have sat unused for ages)


Where do you get the music from? Usb, internet, NAS, Network, online radio?

The Pi has a shared usb bus for usb and network this has been some trouble for some users

Thanks MobeyDuck,

Sorry should have included that.

I’ve noticed it the most with spotify. I can’t say for sure if SMB is also doing this.

I have however just found an extream edition SanDisk card which I’ve installed onto (again).
Much fast image write when i “burned” the card over a USB 3.0 reader.

So far I’m three songs in and it’s not skip/pause…

fingers very tightly crossed this was an SD card performance issue.

I will update after some more testing.


6 SD cards later…

I have two extream cards and these both opperate without skipping (from my testing so far - about 2 hours )

Looks like this is resolved.


Good to see you have it solved for now. SD card speed should be less of an issue with volumio 2 it loads most of the used system in ram.