Sirius XM Plugin

Does anyone know if there is a way to stream Sirius XM through Volumio?


+1 - would love to see this feature

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I would also like to see a plugin for SiriusXM.

I currently have to use another device to play Sirius when I’m in the mood for Full Serve over Self Serve.

What device do you use? Thanks

Amazon echo.

+1 - would love to see this feature also.


Yet another user who would love this feature. Raspberry Pi 4.

I have Youtube Music, which mostly works… have to uninstall/re-install from time to time, but it’s ok.
I have XMRadio accounts for our vehicles, have to pay it anyway, it’d be nice to be able to use it on my Volumio distributed music system.

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Has anyone been able to build the siriusxm app into a plugin?

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Have there been updates on adding SiriusXM to Volumio?