Single skip / glitch when first starting up music - RPI4 2GB - USB DAC

Not sure anyone else has experienced this, but figured I’d throw it out there…

When I’m not using Volumio for a bit and go back to listening to music within the first 20-30 seconds I hear a single skip / glitch. Music continues with no issues. Anyone know how to remediate this?

I’m using a RPi 4 2GB connected to a USB DAC and latest Volumio.

Please provide more information. We have nothing to go om.

  • DAC brand and type
  • Wireless or wired network
  • Local audio or streaming
  • mp3, flac, DSD,…
  • Provide a log when this is happening

USB DAC is a AMB Gamma 2. Uses TI PCM 2707 for USB.
Not using network - using RPi display.
Local audio off of SD Card

Will need to get a log.

Difficult to provide support with a DIY DAC.
It seems for sure DAC related.

Maybe you can find something on their forum. For what I have seen resoldering solves a lot of random issues.

this could be the same problem as in your other post psu with 2 little power.

That’s a good point about power. Although I did experience this with RPi 3 at one point, but it was less prominent. It seemed to have the glitch every once in a while. I will try getting the official supply and reporting back.

In terms of DAC, I’ve used the same DAC with a RPi 3 and Volumio (no display) for years without much issue.

Then it start become reasonable that you have power issues.
rPi3 draws less current + no display => Working
rPi4 + Display => …

Is the cable used not too long by chance?

The cable is the standard 5 or 6 feet (2M). It’s an ifi ipower. The old version. I’m going to go with either Canakit power supply (3.5A) or even the official one to see if there’s a difference.