Simple questions ??

Hi, My second post so please be kind to a newbie!
I have just completed my homemade HiFi system and have included Volumio (1.5) on a PI 2 with a HiFiBerry DAC+.
All working nicely and the media server function of Vol’ is a real bonus.

And the questions:
I have my music on a NAS and Volumio has connected and built its library. I was playing around with adding some BBC radio stations (Windows File Explorer) and noticed that my music appears to be have copied to the SD card Volumio is on. Is that correct?
I think the radio feature of Voumio is really good, I spend more time listening to radio than recorded music! I see that the BBC have changed the format they are now streaming their channels and I believe V’ 1.5 cannot handle it. Will Volumio 2 be able to?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

What made you think that the music is on the SD card?

No, we are still having issues playing the BBC HLS streams in Volumio 2. We will work on getting them working once it is released properly.

Because they are visible in Windows Explorer under the network device, Volumio.

I thought that might be the case. They aren’t actually on the SD card, volumio is just mapping your NAS to a share on Volumio. It was a feature that was added to make it easier to manage your music files.

Thanks for the explanation.
Roll on Volumio 2 !

You will also be pleased to know that a fix for the BBC streams has been added to Volumio 2 and will be included in the next update.

Thanks again.
I have avoided the early releases of V2 as I am a newbie, this next update could persuade me !

I think I read in a thread somewhere that V2 does not list the radio URLs in a folder but in a file.
Will that file be editable so users can alter the list?