Simple question- Does Resampling work in Volumio 3

New user with the 15 day Premium trial. Impressed with the responsiveness of the IOS App. However not so impressed with the documentation and support for common features. I want to use Resampling. I am running an RPI4 and have a library on external HD of AIFF files. I set Resampling to 88 or 176k but in either case my dac and the volumio display both indicate 44k 16 bit. If it isn’t working that would be nice to know before my trial runs out. I am new here and have looked in several places, done multiple searches and tried the very new and inexperienced virtual assistant with no success. Any help appreciated. Regrettably I may have to leave a promising solution for my music playing needs after the free trial if I cannot get info on the availability of an advertised feature that I need.



Resampling does work. I used to have Volumio Primo connected to my Lyngdorf via SPDIF/Coaxial, and it gave the correct upsampled frequency.

Can’t help regarding your DAC, and RPi, since I don’t have it.

Here Davide, from tech support

If you have not found anything related to your issue or documentation on “how to do” something inside Volumio, please get in touch with us raising a ticket.

We have a growing knowledge base, and I’m just preparing an article/video tutorial onto the Playback options matter.

From our helpdesk page you can raise a ticket clicking on ASK FOR HELP button and following the chatbot flow : CREATE A REQUEST or CREATE NEW TICKET

Our tech support service is dedicated to the Premium users and this is the right way to ask everything you need, especially in the first trial period.

Community forum is the open source for DIY and sharing, but not the official support channel for Premium subscribers.

Waiting for your request in order to go in depth with your issue

My best regards


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Hi Davide
I will do as you suggest and open a service request.I am completely new to this forum, community and RPI as well.

I am struggling a bit in this new environment. I could not locate a “help desk” I started a topic under the Red Get help for Volumio banner. If that is the wrong place then I am unable to locate a screen that looks more helpful!

No prob, so please go to :

Contact Us | Volumio

If you don’t find any result inside knowledge base

→ ASK FOR HELP button


Hello JDBrian!
Do not use resampling. It only devastets the sound. Keep the signal undistorted. Just my advice.

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I have been using upsampling with a Mac mini and Puremusic as a player for several years now with good results. That is why I want to try it with Volumio. The dac I am using is NOS and when using upsampling to 176khz the aliasing artifacts are not within the audio band, which is my theory as to why I I find that it sounds better on my particular system. It would be system dependant, do you may not like upsampling at all on your system. To each their own!