Side project


I’ve been using volumio for a while now (and loving it!). However I’ve come to a point where I would like to use my PI for some other stuff as well. And since the volumio PI is on 24/7 I’m curious what possibilities it has to run some stuff on the side. I’m clearly a complete nooob in this area…

For example I’d like to use the PI to regularly (every minute) use an API to download some data and push that to a small database to collect it from later. For example to run some R analysis on it.

Would such a thing even be possible with volumio? What do I need to achieve this? I know OpenELEC did allow the installation of a database. Have not yet seen that in Volumio.



That shouldn’t be too hard I presume, you’ll need a database engine:

  • MariaDB
  • MySQL
  • PostGRE

And some programming knowledge to pull the data and save it:

  • a Python script
  • some NodeJS packages; this way you can make it a plugin

Most dependencies for the database will need to be installed, since Volumio runs on a stripped OS.
Depending on your knownledge I’d say this has a difficulty is intermediate to advanced.

But I must say, I have not investigated the possibilities, so it’s solely based on my gut feeling.