Shutting down Volumio

I’m running Volumio on an Intel i5 minicomputer with 8GB of RAM. All music files are stored on an external SSD drive and the system boots from an internal SSD. My question is: can you safely shut down Volumio by killing power to the computer directly, or do you need to go through the app to shut it down from there?
Thanks in advance for your input.

Only when you use the poweroff button on the NUC, in that case the NUC will perform a proper shutdown. Anything else can have unpredictable results, especially if you did configuration changes before.
Better not just cut the power, then you’re safe.

Thanks. I’ve been shutting down from the app, but it’s a little inconvenient since I’m using the SqueezeliteMC plugin with Squeezer to do my listening and I have to fire up the Volumio app to turn off the computer.

I don’t know if it is safe, or if I am just lucky, but:
I have been using Raspberry Pi + Volumio for over two years now without problems, although I kill the power of the Pi every night.

(The Pi also has a usb-drive attached to it)

Anyone pulling the plug should do so if they like, but then not complain savings are not done or devices are shown corrupt,


It has always been recommended to turn off a computer not via the power on/off button but via a text or graphical console, otherwise you risk losing data or ending up with a dysfunctional OS.

Volumio on x86 catches the button event and does a proper shutdown.
Safe to use the poweroff button. Just don’t hold it for >5 seconds (>10 seconds on newer Lenovos), that leads to an immediate power cut.

When I touch the power button Volumio shuts down but the computer itself does not (the front panel light remains on). When I shut down through the Volumio app, however, everything shuts down appropriately.

Interesting, what brand/model is it? Dell?
Perhaps it needs apm=power_off on the kernel cmdline.

Not Dell, it’s a Beelink SEI8-8279U. I’m not sure what the motherboard is, but it’s really moot, I’d rather be able to turn it off from the app, actually. The problem is that I’m using Squeezelite MC with the Logitech Media Server plugin, controlling it with the Squeeze Ctrl Android app, and none of the LMS apps are able to shut down the server - only the Volumio app can do that. That means I have to start up Volumio to shut down the server.