shutdown is always reboot

I just downloaded volumio for Pi and tested it.
The LCD is running as AndyPi explain on his homepage.

But my problem:
Volumio always reboots when I try to shutdown …
This happens over ssh “sudo shutdown now”, same with the web GUI and also over a GPIO that sends sudo shutdown now.

How can I fix it?

Yours Tobbes

Kernel issue… Nothing to do except changing kernel

Thanks for your answer.

Is ist a known issue with this release or I am the only one with this bug?
Should it help to install volumio again on sd card?


try sudo shutdown -h 0


Yes, I have the same behaviour: shutdown is resulting in a reboot. I am using a Raspberry Pi


Yes is just the same with this command. The pi restarts immediately.

So I think a new copy on sd card will not be the solution.

Is there a fix for the kernel possible for a newbie?


No, just wait for the next release. I’m planning it really soon!


It works here !

Maybe because of this … sudo apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade


It is a good idea to do a apt-get upgrade (not a dist-upgrade) with volumio?

With raspyfi it was good way to lose your system.

What do the experts think?


don’t ask. Do it and it works …point.
With raspyfi ‘rpi-update’ was not so good because of the kernel update.


Hello Karsten,

Thanks for your tip. sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade did fix the shutdown problem.
The Web GUI is stil running.



Great !!!

Unfortunately I had a different experience. I tried the update and dist-upgrade and ended up with an RPi that kept rebooting after being active for around a minute or so. Would boot up, get the web GUI but then it would die and reboot.

Reflashed with the beta and all is well again (apart from the reboot on shutdown).

So not I just SSH in and:

sudo shutdown -h -H now


Maybe do a apt-get upgrade (not a dist-upgrade)

hope that helps …


Do you have an idea of the specific package to be upgraded? Doing a complete upgrade can mess the configuration…

Okay I do not know in detail.
Think it was a lot about bootmanager printed in the shell.


New bugfix version solves this! :wink: