shutdown & dismount usb drive

If I shutdown Volumio 2.201 the Usb Hd won’t unmount, I can here always a “clack” noise of the drive. I already did a system update via ssh. Is there any solution I can try?

Indeed it is a pity that Volumio doesn’t care much about USB drives ejection, leaving things “as is” will cause damage over time for sure.

Being hardly computer-literate, I found a workaround with the help of ssh: basically I’m running a bash script every time I’m planning to shutdown Volumio instead of sending the command through the UI. Here is mine, feel free to improve it.

#!/bin/bash sudo udisks --unmount /dev/sda1 # My first partition is mounted in /dev/sda1. sleep 3s # Waits 3 seconds. sudo udisks --unmount /dev/sda2 # My second partition is mounted in /dev/sda2. sleep 3s # Waits 3 seconds. sudo udisks --detach /dev/sda sleep 3s # Waits 3 seconds. sudo fdisk -l # This is to check that all external drives / partitions are properly ejected. tput bold setaf 1; echo "All set? Shutting down in 15s" sleep 15s # Waits 15 seconds. This gives a bit a bit of margin to cancel the script if something wasn't ejected properly. sudo shutdown -h now

Thank you for your script, but rather a harsh comment: this is a small, non-commercial project that is working hard to improve the experience for all it’s users. If you feel that you can contribute more fully, then feel free to visit the Github site, or at the least leave more constructive criticism.

As said, I’m in no position to help any further, sorry. But I’ve been doing my best in this post as well as somewhere else already.

Well, sorry if my comment was “harsh” but what would you consider as a “constructive criticism” in this case? It appears to be the case that Volumio is managing USB drives in a poor way when it comes to (1) updating the library, as stated elsewhere ; (2) managing mounted drives.
I’m perfectly aware that Volumio is open-source, that people work hard on it during their free time, etc. I’m grateful for this and I appreciate Volumio. That being said, it is not an answer to the aspects raised above.

thank you for the script. it works very well!
you execute the script manual in a ssh?
there’s no way to make this work automatically if you shutdown volumio from the webinterface? i.e. init.d script