shutdown disconnect also power supply from mains

for everybody who likes to save energy :wink:

I now have a full automatic power off after shutdown. Power supply included!
I bought an Ansmann AES3 energy saving unit for only 11,98€.

Here with the mamboberry LS DAC+ and Volumio installed and a ifi iPower supply.
The trick was to calibrate the standby off with nothing in the AES3, because the RpI consumption is so less.
You may have to change the calibrating procedure with your own setup, that the AES3 recognise the switch off point.
On my measuring device the Raspberry with DAC and power supply will take about 1,5watt when off, at playing about 4 watt - with this solution 0 watt.
Also, i dont’t have to stand up from bed to switch off completly the musicbox.

See here the video: … ckets/aes3

Interesting (and useful) little device.

after playing more with this little device i have some more info.

i did not get it work just with Raspi, DAC and the orginal Raspberry 2,5A power Supply.
Using the 3A Allo or the ifi iPower power supply than it works!
it is a difference of about 0,4 Watt to the orginal power supply.
So at least, there must be a minimum of power consumption. ~3 Watt
It’s much more easier, when having a bigger volumio setup at the energy switch, like LED display, touchscreen, AMP, etc.
Have fun with experimentation :wink: