Shuffle Problems

Hi, i recently started using Volumio for my RPI with HifiBerry DAC+ pro and i’ve had some problems with shuffling songs…

Question 1. If i que and shuffle an entire folder and changes the song once, it loops back to the same song instead of shuffling another from the list after the song ends.
If i instead of quing a folder create a playlist of that folder and que that instead it works better… Until i change song from another device on the network, then it starts to loops back to the same song instead of shuffling again which is starting to become mildly infuriating… Can this be fixed somehow?

Question 2. Is there any way to remove the black square where the album art is supposed to be? since it does not work (i’ve tried getting it to apply the album art downloaded with the albums but no matter what it always just display a black pic instead of the album art… After some searching i found that alot of people seem to have problems regarding album art, so now i’m just looking for a way to get rid of the ugly black square instead and just show the background, but there is no feature to hide or not display album art… Any suggestions on how to solve this?

I don’t have that problem with shuffle, but I do create a playlist first.

I don’t have any problem with album art, just make sure there’s a file on the same folder that the album is at, that’s named Folder.jpg or .png.