Shuffle playlist or queue?

Is there a way to shuffle a playlist when adding to the queue or to shuffle the entire queue itself? Seems like this would be a trivial feature to add.

I understand there is a ‘random’ button for playback but my problem is it winds up repeating some of the same songs even with a fairly big queue. Having to keep manually skip repeated songs gets a bit cumbersome.


Try the Randomizer plugin.

Thank you SimonE. I downloaded the Randomizer plugin but it doesn’t do quite what i’m looking for.

I’ve created a really long playlist (hours and hours worth of music) of favorites for get togethers and just want to shuffle the playlist instead of the playlist (or queue) always playing in the same order.

The random button that’s already on the on playback transport would be great if it wasn’t prone to surprisingly frequent repeats despite hours of music being queued up. It’s the nature of the beast, i suppose.

Something that shuffles the queue itself would be ideal.

Thanks again for the suggestion.