Shuffle Play

I guess this might be similar to party mode, but having an option to shuffle Play a playlist/artist/album would be great! Also would be amazing if this was added as option for alarms so that for those who use alarms it doesn’t always start with the first song but rather starts playing from a randomly selected song from within the playlist.

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Has this been added yet?

I’m also very interested in this feature.
Thanx for your great work anyway :smiley:

Anyone knows anything about this feature, if it has been implemented or not? Thanks.

No it hasn’t been added yet, you can add your entire library to a playlist and play it shuffled, but two problems, first, it takes forever if you have a large library, about 3-4 minutes on my 10,000 tracks. Which is not hat big either.
And the second problem, the queue is in alphabetical order, so you don’t know which songs follows, it doesn’t create a shuffled queue, like it should and most players do.

+1 for this feature!

It is what I miss most in this otherwise beautiful project.

It would be great to do this by genre as well. More likely to want to shuffle across a genre than a single artist or album.